Senin, 23 Februari 2009

here it is another picture Arashi n RG150R

Kamis, 12 Februari 2009

Suzuki Arashi 125 R

My brother and me bring it home almost two yers ago, it is a cute lookin bike hahaha i really mean it because Suzuki put scaled down Gizzer lamp in smaller cub, i think thats our reason to choose this one instead of the "road famous Suzuki FU150 aka Satria F150"
it is produced in Indonesia since 2006-2008, use same engines type with Shogun SP125 aka FD125 series [full clutch version instead semi-auto] but different in Carburetors because Arashi use 19mm Carbs not 18mm like usually Shogun standards [ not too many performance change ]

we use it for daily so there is no "engine modify" like my other bikez , just minor upgrade
max speed 120 km/h in 1 rider, if take backseater it is dropped to 90 km/h
acceleration is very good for a cub i think, and the front brake respons relatively "enjoyable",
handling itself for me i prefer this one than Shogun because it is feels more stiff in ride which i love it, feel precise in handling for me.

fuel consumption also one of the best in my house... haahahah really ? yes indeed for most of my other bike is sportbike or two-strokes so it is the best, if compared with other like Honda Supra 125 or kawasaki Zone 125 like in the picture above then it is need more fuel / km for anyelse T-T

anyway it is fun to ride and thats the most important thing,
and i enjoy its "Rare-ity" because not so many people buy it and everytime i ride usually people start to lookin and start asking what bike is that...hahah